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All India Law Student Federation

  • Why are you doing LLB?
  • What are the career prospects after you get the degree?
  • Do you think that doing LLB means that you can only become a litigation lawyer or start your preparation for Judiciary?
  • What are the avenues and scholarships available to you if you intend to do LLM from foreign shores?
  • How one should go for writing her Letter of Intent so that you can get the best optimized appraisals from the European Universities as far as your pursuance of LLM is concerned?
  • Do you know what does it mean to be a Legal-preneur?
  • Why networking is so important in the field of Law & what does networking mean for a law student?

These are some of the questions that one must always ponder about if the person is doing LLB and being a Law Student you must have thought over it many a times.

Do you know that after you do law a plethora or shall we say a whole new dimensions of opportunities opens for you.

All India Law Student Federation is a platform – you can say it to be a communion of jurist, teachers & mentors, judges, legal writers and above all you the LLB/LLM students.

Presently we are in the thousands as far as membership is concerned but we intend to reach five digit figures comprising of all the aforesaid set of people.

So, what are you waiting for? Be the next one to join this new family which would be your companion right from the days of your internship during your course curriculum till the time your name flashes in the media as the next Jethmalani and Jaitley and much beyond that. Our intention is to assist you in the way a baton race is run.

But, what does this baton hold for you?

LLB and the career avenues which come with it is not a sprint but a marathon. And certainly lawyers are multi-taskers and multi-preneurs.

From the day you enter into campus you need to have right set of people in your group so that you conveniently get the field work done as far as court visits and internship is concerned. Participating in Moot Courts to arranging for the study materials and bare acts and after passing getting yourself enrolled as a member of the bar; all of these needs networking. And what better way to get yourself networked with a platform having the largest peer presence – the AILSF.

You can also earn while you learn the various intricacies of law. We would be providing you with the right set of tools and with the right set of people – the legal firms & practicing top notch lawyers – so that by the time you get yourself enabled with the degree you become market ready to market your already acquired skill sets which would be provided to you when we would be working for your betterment through the power of mentored-networking.

In the era when we are living our minutes with checking our mail and seconds spent on visiting the Facebook; networking has become an important attribute of any career. Unlike in other careers for legal fraternity networking is more than a mere attribute; it is the soul and essence of it. AILFS provides you with the set of tools which assists you in the long journey from being a student to making you form a communion of people with whom you can share and laugh while you pursue advancements in your career.

Joining the AILSF would be a one stop window to have all your queries answered as far as what does it mean when we say that a LLB degree holder is like a chameleon who can have so many avenues opened at her doorstep that you become the master of your destiny and think beyond the evident of becoming either a litigation lawyer or aspirant for judiciary services.

Mission: To educate, improve the skills of students in the principles and purposes of becoming a professional in legal field, international organizations and institutions.


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